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Introduction & Guide to the Documentation & Critical Study of Ascetic, Non-Dualistic Shakuhachi Culture, East & West:
Historical Chronology, Philology, Etymology, Vocabulary, Terminology, Concepts, Ideology, Iconology & Practices

By Torsten Mukuteki Olafsson • トーステン 無穴笛 オーラフソンデンマーク • Denmark


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1640s?: The Kaidō honsoku - "Version 2" Copy

I am in deep gratitude to Mr. Yamakawa Sōkyū, 山川宗休, Kōkoku-ji near Yura in Wakayama Prefecture, Mr. Ōno Osamu, 大野治, the Central Public Citizen's Hall in Yura, and Mr. Simura Satosi, 志村哲, and Mrs. Tsukitani Tsuneko, 月溪恒子, both Ōsaka University, for their generous helping me with - and acknowledging - this research project of mine, back in the 1980s and later on, respectively.

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1628: The Kaidō honsoku Fuke-komosō Credo

1650s?: The Kaidō honsoku "Version 3" Copy

The version of the Kaidō honsoku that was investigated and truthfully copied and described by Nakatsuka Chikuzen during the late 1930s and also published in reprint in 1938 by the Kōkoku Temple itself, edited by Mori Hikotarō, could in no possible way be the very original version of that credo:

Both of the two opening paragraphs being presented in the known reprints can only have been added sometime after 1628.

First came this addition, the second of the two "headers", so to speak:



"The Fundamental Doctrine of Fuke Shakuhachi Itineracy.
[lit.: "Sea-route basic rules"]
Issued from Yura in the Kii Province."

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1650s?: The Kaidō honsoku "Version 3" Copy

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