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The "Ascetic Shakuhachi" Historical Evidence Research Web Pages

Introduction & Guide to the Documentation & Critical Study of Ascetic, Non-Dualistic Shakuhachi Culture, East & West:
Historical Chronology, Philology, Etymology, Vocabulary, Terminology, Concepts, Ideology, Iconology & Practices

By Torsten Mukuteki Olafsson • トーステン 無穴笛 オーラフソンデンマーク • Denmark


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2022: Profile Status Update as of Late Summer, 2022


In Summer, 2022, on behalf of Hōgaku Journal editor Tanaka Takafumi, Kiku Day invited me to produce a presentation of myself for a profile to be printed in a forthcoming issue of the important magazine that covers all aspects of traditional Japanese music.

I was prompted to also tell at length about my research findings, but it turned out that the slot space in the journal was much more limited than expected: reduced to but half a page.

For you to know what I actually delivered to the Hōgaku Journal, here you have the complete, unabridged and unredacted text in English.
That is, except for a few translations to English of specially selected Japanese quotations meant to be shown in Japanese, only, in the magazine.

Click in the text below to open a PDF-file that contains the full contents of the Profile Status Update, 2022.

Torsten ’Mukuteki’ Olafsson is a Danish-Icelandic multi-musician,
composer, music editor & engraver, graphics designer, shakuhachi player,
Japanologist and shakuhachi historian.

Born on January 28th, 1950, Torsten grew up on the island Amager in
S. Copenhagen in a musically and linguistically gifted and inspiring family.
Both his parents were medical doctors and general physicians.

Since early 2000, he has been living in Elsinore north of Denmark’s capital,
the town of Kronborg Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and
Shakespeare’s 1603 play “Hamlet”.

All the best, Torsten Olafsson, October, 2022.

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