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By Torsten Mukuteki Olafsson • トーステン 無穴笛 オーラフソンデンマーク • Denmark


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The "BIG LIE": "Nothing like a 'Fuke-shū' ever existed"

Important Statement by Makihara Ichiro, August 10, 2007, regarding
the ever more widespread falsification of 'komusō' history

Kourin shakuhachi essay 1505-a

Makihara Ichiro, August 2021. Source: Facebook

常識の嘘 普化宗など存在しなかった。

禅宗には、臨済宗と曹洞宗、黄檗宗、そして普化宗の4 つがあり、

日本には、鎌倉時代、紀州由良興国寺の法灯国師心地覚心が 伝えた」と。
- - -

虚無僧は、剃髪もせず、得度受戒もせず、僧籍も無いのだから、 僧ではない。

"A Common Sense Lie: Nothing like a 'Fuke-shū' ever existed."

"It is written in Japanese junior high school textbooks that (quotation),

'Within the Zen sect, there are 4 sects, namely the Rinzai Sect and the Sōtō Sect, the Ōbaku Sect, as well as the Fuke Sect;
the 'komusō' are Buddhist priests [sōryo] of the Fuke Sect.'

Also, when looking at related internet sites, it generally reads as follows:

'As for the 'komusō', the founder of the Fuke Sect was the Chinese Zen monk Fuke;
the tradition was transmitted to Japan by Hottō Kokushi Shinchi Kakushin of the Kōkoku Temple in Yura in the Ki Province [present Wakayama Prefecture]."

This is all wrong, a big lie [taisō/ō-uso].'

Link to internet source:

Read more here: To be - or not to be: a "Zen Buddhist Priest"?

Makihara Ichiro, on Facebook known as Shin-ichiro Makihara, has en education from the Department of History, Faculty of Letters, Keiō University, Tokyo.

Makihara-san plays the Myōan Taizan-ha style of ascetic shakuhachi, heads the Kyūkō-ryū Ichiro-kai in Nagoya, and describes himself as a modern, "Heisei Period Komusō".

He is also a shakuhachi historian, writer and lecturer.

Makihara Ichiro's website:

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