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A Sincere Notification as of January 16, 2024:

This is Original 'Suizen' Shakuhachi, Myōan Taizan-ha Tradition:
     Yoshimura Fuan Sōshin
     'Suizen ichinyo', 1995 - An Utterly Ignored, If not Even Deliberately "Purged",
    Yet Monumental Myōan Taizan-ha 'Suizen' Shakuhachi Sound Collection


"The One-ness of Blowing the Shakuhachi and "Meditation"?

"Blowing the Shakuhachi and Meditating is The Same"?

Oh, no: "Non-Dualistic Ascetic Shakuhachi Practice"!

尺八修養 - 行の音楽 - 'SHAKUHACHI SHŪYŌ' - 'GYŌ no ONGAKU'

Yoshimura Soushin Suizen ichinyo CD disc set, front cover   Yoshimura Soushin

Triple-CD set produced and obviously also dated by the Kyōto Myōan Temple as anno 1995 -
- though it appears as if that CD set was never produced for anyone outside of the Myōan-ji circles, perhaps?

Phonogram CD numbers: KM-1995 01, KM-1995 02 & KM-1995 03.

Recorded by Yoshimura 'Fuan' Sōshin, 40th Myōan-ji 'Kansu',
most probably already during the 1970s and not later than late Summer, 1977, for certain.

That is very well known because in August, 1977, two music cassette tapes with all but
the three 'hi-kyoku', secret 'kyoku', were presented to the author of this website by snail mail, in Kyōto.

Most, if not all the 32 Taizan-ha 'Suizen' honkyoku were released on 4 vinyl LP phonogram discs sometime later, but before 1995.
See pictures below.

Read more on this web page:

1950s ... : The Origin of 'Suizen' at Kyōto Myōan-ji:
     Kobayashi Shizan, Tomimori Kyozan,
     Tanikita Muchiku, Yasuda Tenzan,
     Hirazumi Taizan, Koizumi Ryōan,
     Fukumoto Kyoan, Yoshimura Sōshin a.o.

Track list:

Yoshimura Sōshin Suizen ichi-nyo CDs track list

Yoshimura 'Fuan' Sōshin 'Suizen ichi-nyo' CDs track list

Yoshimura Sensei's recorded Taizan-ha 'Suizen' honkyoku titles in romanization and Japanese 'kanji':

Disk 1:

  1) Chōshi (Nyūmon) - 調子(入門)

  2) Hi-fu-mi chō - 一二三調

  3) Hachi-ga’eshi no kyoku - 鉢返曲

  4) Taki’ochi no kyoku - 瀧落曲

  5) San’ya no kyoku - 三谷曲

  6) Kyūshū reibo - 九州鈴慕

  7) Shizu no kyoku - 志図曲

  8) Yoshi’ya no kyoku - 善哉曲

  9) Azuma no kyoku - 吾妻曲

10) Tsukushi reibo - 筑紫鈴慕

11) Ōshū nagashi - 奥州流

12) Akita no kyoku - 秋田曲

13) Akebono no shirabe/Akebono-chō - 曙調

14) Mutsu reibo - 陸奥鈴慕

Disk 2:

15) Koro suga-gaki - 転菅掻

16) Dako no kyoku - 打鼓曲

17) Monbiraki no kyoku - 門開曲

18) Renbo nagashi - 恋慕流

19) Shin’ya no kyoku - 深夜曲

20) Hōtaku - 鳳鐸

21) Aji no kyoku (not 'Ajikan') - 阿字曲

22) Kumoi no kyoku - 雲井曲

23) Saka’e jishi - 栄獅子

24) Sokaku - 巣鶴

Disk 3:

25) Ryūgin kokū - 龍吟虚空

26) Hōgyō kokū - 鳳叫虚空

27) Koshō kokū - 虎嘯虚空

28) Shika no tōne - 鹿遠音

29) Tsuru no sugo-mori - 鶴巣籠

30) Kyorei - 虚鈴

31) Kokū - 虚空

32) Mukai-ji - 霧海篪

The 'Suizen ichinyo' vinyl LP record set - actual precise year of release yet unclear:

Yoshimura Soushin Suizen ichinyo 4 LP record set

Yoshimura Soushin Suizen ichinyo 4 LP record set, label

Why were those genuine 'Suizen' recordings never made fully public by the Myōan Temple itself?

You may, though, get an idea about Yoshimura Sensei's playing, if you visit, where these short sound clips have been made audible.

Do observe, though, that a number of titles are not given correctly accordance with the CD collection's track list:

Do note that the collection's title still is wrongly given at as
'Meianji Shoden Shakuhachi Honkyoku Shu',
"Anthology of Meian Temple Shakuhachi Tradition Honkyoku".

The actual, correct CD set album title is, of course:
'Suizen ichinyo'
and should indeed be presented only like that.

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