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The "Ascetic Shakuhachi" Historical Evidence Research Web Pages

Introduction & Guide to the Documentation & Critical Study of Ascetic, Non-Dualistic Shakuhachi Culture, East & West:
Historical Chronology, Philology, Etymology, Vocabulary, Terminology, Concepts, Ideology, Iconology & Practices

By Torsten Mukuteki Olafsson • トーステン 無穴笛 オーラフソンデンマーク • Denmark


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1899 till today: Translations of Source Texts
     published in the West / Outside of Japan
     including the Internet / WWW
      - The Translators

1899 - French author Edmond Papinot presents the earliest known description of the komusō tradition in a Western language, namely French - first published as translated into English in 1910.

1977 - Tsuge Gen'ichi: English translation of the 'Kyotaku denki'.

1977 - James H. Sanford: English translation of an 'Ichigetsu-ji honsoku' text.

1981 - James H. Sanford: English translations of shakuhachi and Fuke Zenji related poems by Ikkyū Sōjun.

1983 - Andreas Fuyu Gutzwiller: German Translations of all the three Hisamatsu Fūyō essays on the shakuhachi.

1986 - Christopher Yohmei Blasdel: English translation/adaptation of Kamisangō Yūkō's 'Suizen' LP record set cover notes of 1974.

1987 - Torsten Olafsson: English translations of the 1628 'Kaidō honsoku', one of the two komosō chapters in the 1614 'Keichō kenmonshū' short story collection, and other komosō-related texts.

1990 - Takahashi Tone: English translations of many versions of the 'Keichō okitegaki' document.

1990 - Robin Hartshorne and Kazuaki Tanahashi: English translation of Hisamatsu Fūyō's 'Hitori mondō.

1993 - Riley Kelly Lee: English translation of an 'Ichigetsu-ji honsoku' and other text quotations.

2007 - Max Deeg: English translations of Medieval texts about the komosō, a.o..
2008 - Esperanza Ramirez-Christensen: English translations of Mediveal Japanese poetry texts about shakuhachi-related matters.

2012 - Gunnar Jinmei Linder: English translations of quotations about the boroboro, a section from 'Shichiku Shoshinshū', and otherssss.

2003 to the present - Torsten Olafsson: English translations of Isshi Bunshu's Letter to Sandō Mugetsu, the 'Butsu-gen', a section of the 'Shichiku shoshinshū, and of many other ascetic shakuhachi related texts through Japanese history.
Besides, Danish translations of selected Chinese and Japanese texts about "Zen Shakuhachi"..

To be further expanded, made more detailed and commented ...

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