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1703 & 1705: The Kyōto Myōan-ji c/o Kōkoku-ji
     & Myōshin-ji Mysterious Interrelationship

Web page updated on August 17, 2023.



"Parent Temple Confirmation" (from Kōkoku-ji to Kyōto Myōan-ji)

一 京都大仏明暗寺当山之為末寺事著明也。

"Parent Temple Confirmation.
This is a clarification [or, confirmation] that the Kyōto Daibutsu Myōan Temple is [now] a branch [or, sub] temple of this temple.
In order for the future the certificate is therefore thus [written].
The 2nd year of Hōei, Year of the Bird [1705], the 12th lunar month, 3rd day.
Gakkō - chief administrator of the Kōkoku Temple.
To the Myōan Temple."

In 1703 the chief administrator of the Kyōto Myōan Temple, named Gyokudō Chishō, 玉道智照, wrote a letter of petition, dated the 27th day of the 9th month in that year, to the then abbot, named Bainoō, 梅龍, of the Kōkoku Temple in Yura, present Wakayama Prefecture.
Gyokudō argued for the Myōan-ji to be accepted as a sub temple of the Kōkoku-ji, but about as long as two years and three months should pass until the 12th month of 1705 before the Kōkoku Temple's then chief administrator Gekkō, 月江, eventually confirmed the new "mother-child" temple relationship between Kōkoku-ji and Myōan-ji..

     Source: Nakatsuka, 1979, pp. 255-256.
     Trsl. by T.O., 2012.


"Myōan-ji, Kōkoku-ji and their Relationship"

Nakatsuka Chikuzen looked into the unique "connection" between the Kōkoku and Kyōto Myōan temples while he was researching shakuhachi history and investigating historial documents during the late 1930s:

Nakatsuka Chikuzen's chapter on Kōkoku-ji and Myōan-ji-a

Nakatsuka Chikuzen's chapter on Kōkoku-ji and Myōan-ji-b

Nakatsuka Chikuzen's chapter on Kōkoku-ji and Myōan-ji-c

Nakatsuka Chikuzen's chapter on Kōkoku-ji and Myōan-ji-d

Nakatsuka Chikuzen's chapter on Kōkoku-ji and Myōan-ji-e

Nakatsuka Chikuzen's chapter on Kōkoku-ji and Myōan-ji-f

Nakatsuka Chikuzen's chapter on Kōkoku-ji and Myōan-ji-g

Nakatsuka Chikuzen's chapter on the Myōan-ji and Kōkoku-ji connection.
Nakatsuka, 1979, pp. 254-260.

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