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Introduction & Guide to the Documentation & Critical Study of Ascetic, Non-Dualistic Shakuhachi Culture, East & West:
Historical Chronology, Philology, Etymology, Vocabulary, Terminology, Concepts, Ideology, Iconology & Practices

By Torsten Mukuteki Olafsson • トーステン 無穴笛 オーラフソンデンマーク • Denmark


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1795: The Kyotaku denki kokujikai Source Book
     Authored and Published in Kyōto by Yamamoto Morihide

虚鐸傳記国字解 / 虚鐸伝記国字解
- Kyotaku denki kokujikai

"The History of the Imitated Bell in Japanese Translation/Interpretation"

Originally edited/compiled in 1779 and published in Kyōto, 1795, by Yamamoto Morihide,

National Diet Library version published by Rakubundō, 楽文堂, in 1925 (Taishō 14).

Most recent version edited by Kowata Suigetsu, 木幡吹月, 1901-1983,
and published by Nihon Ongaku-sha, Tōkyō, in 1981.

Here you can study Kishi Kiyokazu's complete scanning of the

Kyotaku denki kokujikai with comments, PDF link.

Direct link to Kishi Kiyokazu's scanning on his website at

OBS: Do note that nowhere in the entire Kyotaku denki kokujikai text you can find any mention of a "Fuke Sect", Fuke-shū, 普化宗, at all!

Direct link to the 1925 version of the 'Kyotaku denki kokujikai' at The National Diet Library, Tōkyō, online

Click and read more on the web page 'Kyotaku denki'

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