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By Torsten Mukuteki Olafsson • トーステン 無穴笛 オーラフソンデンマーク • Denmark


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1623: Anrakuan Sakuden's Encounter with a Wandering 'Fuke-komosō'

普化僧 - FUKE-SŌ
薦僧 - KOMOSŌ     

醒睡笑 - SEISUISHŌ by Anrakuan Sakuden

"Laughs to Wake You Up"


"While, at one occasion, I had a conversation with an elder named Sawarō [?] at the temple Yūfuku-ji in Bishū [mod. Aichi Pref.], I heard a komosō who had arrived [and played] in the courtyard.

When Sawarō asked him to come up [and join us] on the veranda [where we were sitting], he readily stepped on the veranda. As, somehow or other, there was nothing [for him] to sit on, Sawarō addressed him a second time, [this time] as "Fuke Monk" [Jap.: Fuke-sō].

After some time, finally he [the komosō] responded.
He unrolled his sitting mat."

     Anrakuan Sakuden, 1554-1642, in 'Seisuishō', "Laughter
     Which Disperses Sleep", 1623, maki 8. Trsl. by Torsten Olafsson, 2010.
     Source: Ueno, 1984, pp. 206-207, and
     The Komazawa University Library Text Database

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